Finalmente o EICOM chegou ao Brasil, trazendo professores com experiência internacional em digital e eCommerce.

23 a 25 de Setembro de 2021
Evento Presencial • Itu-SP

  • Zia Daniell Wigder

    Vice-presidente sênior de conteúdo da Insider Intelligence & Founder na Grocery Shop

  • Eduardo Terra

    Presidente na Sociedade Brasileira de Varejo e Consumo

  • Mariano Gomide de Faria

    Co Founder and Co CEO na VTEX

  • Angela Cearns

    CEO da TrueTwins

Quem deve participar do EICOM Experience?

O candidato ideal para atender ao programa executivo do EICOM Experience é:


Executivos C-level, diretor e gerentes seniores. Executivos responsáveis pela liderança da transformação digital na organização.


Executivos que desejam aumentar seus conhecimentos com a educação, networking e com a exposição no setor.


Executivos com o objetivo de obter novas formas de pensar, interagir com liderados e distribuir idéias para a sua organização.


Executivos cujas suas principais responsabilidades de trabalho são de liderança e implementação de novas idéias para reagirem às mudanças do mercado.


Também visamos clientes em potencial que enfrentam desafios em sua jornada comercial.

Motivos para você se inscrever:

Novas, ousadas e inovadoras estratégias no cenário do varejo

Evento liderado por especialistas em eCommerce

Acomodação e alimentação incluídas

Os alunos farão parte da comunidade de alumni EICOM


After attending EICOM, we changed our purchasing strategy to best suit customer demand. Previously, we worked on a traditional buying method where we would pick from a wide range of products from our suppliers and estimate what was going to sell. This created problems as we couldn't keep up with supply for bestsellers, and we're left with a lot of stock for unpopular styles. Today, we send out a survey to our current customers during the buying season and base our sales forecasts on product popularity which has helped us in managing stock more effectively. At EICOM, I learned about segmenting customers based on frequency of purchase and average order value and we're now creating strategies to improve customer loyalty based on these theories.

Iulian Munteanu, CEO at (Romania)

EICOM was not a teaching module, it’s an accelerator. The real power of the course are the people. The professors were very competent, and covered a large range of topics in just 5 days: from organisational structures and business models to layout and architecture of the web - which wasn’t easy! However, everyone came with an open mind, and we were also leading what we wanted to discuss. It felt like we were the 16 (plus 5) professors. It will not be easy to rapidly implement changes to our organisation, but we can improve synergies within the departments and encourage proactiveness. I came here to learn but more importantly I learned that we are a community and this is a continuous process.

Alberto Starace, Commercial Director at Vente Privee / Privalia (Italy)

What an incredible experience! We’ve had colleagues from 10 different countries, we saw a lot of real life case studies and the course was very easy to understand. I felt that we all spoke the same language and when you put all this knowledge in one room, a lot of ideas evolve. EICOM was the best investment in time I’ve done in the last decade.

Ionut Grossu, Chief Digital Officer at Teilor (Romania)

EICOM: an intensive week of transformational thinking.

Matteo Cuelli, Global Brand Sr Director (SVP) - Carrera and Polaroid Eyewear (Italy)

EICOM was, by far, the course that could open my mind the most to the digital transformations that companies are going through and to the most actual management methods. Besides, being with the best business executives from the retail market opened unique opportunities to me and my companies.

Rodrigo Miranda, CEO, Zaitt and Ship (Brazil)

You may think that as a senior professional in Digital you already know plenty, but as soon as you hear the fist lectures on EICOM program you will be introduced to a completely new world. To a world of hands-on knowledge and new and innovative ideas from amazing teachers and like-minded digital professionals. Sharing experiences with your peers and the friendships you will make are to be valued the most. Join EICOM and experience Cambridge and its magical energy.

Zorana Milidrag - Global eCommerce Director Sport Vision, President of eComm Association Serbia, Consultant at 8 services, Keynote speaker(Serbia)

As I was looking for new trends and different perspectives, the programme fully covered all these aspects. Also it's been really interesting to have feedbacks on what didn't work out (for a change!)

Elisa Rabate - Digital Director at Grup Ametller Origen(Spain)

Overall I found the EICOM Digital commerce transformation Executive program covers all the different aspects of ecommerce with extensive learning by professional experts. In addition I liked the diversity of participants from around the world. I really enjoyed it and I would definitely recommend it to anyone in the ecommerce field.

Ebtesam Alotaibi Senior Ecommerce specialist, SMEA(Saudi Arabia)

In 2019, I had the honor of being part of the latest edition of EICOM Digital Transformation Programme in Cambridge, which was insightful, extremely diverse, highly participative and lots of fun with intense class discussions. I am grateful for having been able to interact with extraordinary talented professionals across the ecommerce & digital industry in 3 continents, 10 countries. It has provided me an extraordinary framework to tackle challenges ahead and provide a digital transformation approach to my domain, customers and peers. For now, I am thrill to continuing putting this valuable learning into action and I look forward to the alumni reunion. Thank you EICOM team for this amazing experience!

Georginna Gheorghe ecommerce & Digital Director Sephora Romania(Romani)

Participei do EICOM EXPERIENCE em 2018 e foi uma experiência incrível. Muitos aprendizados! Conteúdo muito rico e disruptivo. Além de palestrantes excelentes, a troca de experiências entre os participantes foi muito valiosa, pois são fatos que acontecem no dia a dia e não apenas numa sala de aula. O ponto alto do curso é a dinâmica : muita interação, discussão, exercícios em grupo sobre casos reais, troca de experiências, enfim, super recomendo.... me colocou num outro patamar de conhecimento em negócios digitais. Parabéns!!!

Sandra Assad Haddad Diretora Comercial - Grupo Ri Happy São Paulo Area, Brazil

O EICOM Experience

O nosso programa

Os participantes do EICOM Experience terão acesso a novas, ousadas e inovadoras estratégias que seus colegas estão implantando no cenário do varejo global em empresas que estão liderando a transformação digital.